Welcome to Shin-Yokohama Nail and Foot Care Center(Old name: Ingrown Nail Emergency Center) ! We are specialized in nails, feet, and legs care, especially pincer(ingrown) nails!


Thank you for visiting our website! We are taking care of your nail, foot, and leg troubles such as following.

Treatmens for Nail’s troubles. ←Click/Tap


*Pincer nails (by B/S Spange) <MAKIDUME> *Onychomycosis (by Cauterization) <TSUMEMIZUMUSHI> *Cracking nails <WAREDUME>


Treatmens for leg’s troubles.←Click/Tap

*Bowlegs (or Genu varum, Blount’s Disease) / Knock Kneed <O-KYAKU/X-KYAKU> *Edema(Swelling) of Legs <ASHINO-MUKUMI> *Pelvis and leg joints problem (by Chiropractic technique)