Welcome to Shin-Yokohama Nail and Foot Care Center(Old name: Ingrown Nail Emergency Center) ! We are specialized in nails, feet, and legs care, especially pincer(ingrown) nails!


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We are taking care of your nail, foot, and leg troubles such as following.

Treatmens for Nail’s troubles. ←Click/Tap


*Pincer nails (by B/S Spange) <MAKIDUME>
*Onychomycosis (by Cauterization) <TSUMEMIZUMUSHI>
*Cracking nails <WAREDUME>

Treatmens for foot’s troubles. ←Click/Tap

*Corn (or clavus, plural clavi) <UONOME>
*Callus <TAKO>

Treatmens for leg’s troubles.←Click/Tap

*Bowlegs (or Genu varum, Blount’s Disease) / Knock Kneed <O-KYAKU/X-KYAKU>
*Edema(Swelling) of Legs <ASHINO-MUKUMI>
*Pelvis and leg joints problem (by Chiropractic technique)

About us


Hi there,
We are nearly located in Shin-Yokohama Sation(新横浜駅) of JR Yokohama-line(JR横浜線), Tokaido Shinkansen-line(JR東海道新幹線), and Yokohama City Subway Blue-Line(横浜市営地下鉄ブルーライン)
If you are looking for nail, foot, and leg care by medical professional around Kanagawa, Yokohama, Kohoku, Kikuna, Shin-Yokohama, Kawasaki and Tokyo, please contact us following;

About practitioner

Yusuke Ono L.Ac., L.Bs.,

*B/S Spange Official Practitioner
*Licensed Bone Setter
*Licensed Acupuncturist
*Licensed Moxibustionist(Cauterization)
*Licensed Anma, Shiatsu, and Masseur
*Licensed OTC drugs seller
*Chiropractor (Diploma)
*TRT Official Practitioner
*Auriculotherapy Official Practitioner
*NAET Official Practitioner



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